Welcome to my FAQ Page! If you can’t find a question here that you would like answered feel free to email me in the contact form in the footer. Thanks for looking!

Style Questions

Why do you take photos?

 I get asked this question often. For me it’s not exactly taking photos, it’s more like making photos. So many different elements go into a photograph. Being behind a camera is similar to being a conductor of an orchestra in the way that you must make all of the different elements work together harmoniously to create a piece. I’m most comfortable behind a camera, and nothing brings me more joy than being able to tell a story through my images. Most of my gallery work are documents of moments that I connected to somehow, and it means the most to me when someone else connects to my work. I believe the more in tune you are with yourself, and your experiences the more stories you’re able to tell through any art form. Sometimes I work in the streets of different cities, or in a natural setting, and recently I’ve been experimenting with setting up a shoot with a certain image in mind. The one thing all of my work has in common is that I connect to everything that I shoot.

Gallery Questions

I want to purchase a piece how do I order one?

Email me the title of the piece you’re interested in along with the approximate size and I will reply in a timely manner with the price.

How are prices set?

The factors of production, size of the piece, and sales history, are all considered when setting a price.

Do you charge shipping?

The price you are quoted includes the cost of shipping.

Services Questions

How do I hire you for a job?

Email me through the contact form at the bottom of the page with the rundown of the service you are requesting and I will reply with a contract with pricing details and terms and conditions of service.

Does your studio provide videography services?

Yes I do! I film and edit small business commercials and private events.

Do you deliver the images/video you shoot?

When a shoot is finished I meet my clients in a convenient location to review the product(s) to assure you are pleased with the product.

Can I have my photos in black and white?

Yes! In my contracts I have a space for you to write down any specifications and preferences you want for your shoot.

What should I wear?

Your clothing should have no logos, graphics, or busy patterns. I will send you color suggestions to bring out your best features before the shoot.

Where will photos be taken?

We will communicate before the shoot to find a comfortable, well lit location that matches the theme of the shoot.

Do you shoot in JPEG or RAW?

Typically I shoot in raw for headshots or portraits, but for events I shoot in both JPEG and RAW.

Do I get to see or have unedited files?

Unedited or raw files are not available for viewing or for purchase.

Do you do Headshots, Individual Portraits, Family Portraits, or Product Photography?

Yes! Examples of these services are in the services tab in the top menu!

Do you edit your images?

When it comes to gallery work and pieces that I display in different exhibitions I do very minimal editing. When it comes to commercial shoots and other services for individuals I edit more to insure you, your family, or your products look the absolute best. It’s important that you see an image I see, not one my camera sees.

Do I get the copyright of the photos/video?

In the contract there will be a portion about copywriter release. It explains you have the right to print or have your images reproduced as many times as you wish, but this is not the same as obtaining the copyright. Copyright belongs to the creator of something and is non transferable.

What hardware/Software do you use?

I use a Nikon d750 dlsr to shoot. I use different lenses and LED lighting fixtures for different types of shoots. My favorite lens is my Nikor 28-300mm. I edit and do graphic design work on a MacBook Pro or an iPad Pro. As far as software goes I have a strong command of the Adobe Creative Suite, and Apple Software.